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FREE 2017 Timetabling boot camp!

September is never far away when you are responsible for the school timetable! Sign up for our FREE timetabling boot camp and make 2017 your best ever timetable!

As a timetabler your journey can feel like a 'marathon'! You start off excited, motivated and ready to conquer the world but then as you embark the journey elements of self doubt or ability creep in. You build up the courage and the timetable starts to formulate, then all of a sudden the road takes a sharp left turn completely dis-orientating you.

How do you pick yourself up and focus on the road ahead, should you go forward, stop or do you go back? Slight panic and dismay start to set in and you wonder why you thought timetabling was going to be your 'cup of tea'.
Your colleagues are asking insincerely 'how is the timetable going?' To which you feel the only correct answer is 'fine, thank you'!
Then with a little luck and determination you break through 'the wall' and the finish line is insight. Finally you cross the line, out of breath still wondering have I really finished and saying 'never again'. Then strangely the next morning you feel tired and aching but satisfied in your achievements and sign up for your next year!

At MIST Services we recognise that timetabling can be a lonely task, that holds a bag of mixed emotions. But rather than being on your own we offer a Boot Camp which is broken into three parts:

1 - Curriculum diagram and sensible blocking
2 - Feasibility
3 - Scheduling methodology

You will receive a video clip introducing the topic and you are then issued with support material that will help you plan, test and execute your timetable to perfection. What are you waiting for, are you ready to become a wildly successful timetabler, sign up below?

Kind regards
Chris & the MIST team


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