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We offer a range of services relating to Facility Scheduler suite from Advanced Learning.

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Facility Scheduler courses

Principles of timetabling1 day 225 More info
Introduction to using 'Scheduler'1 day 225 More info
Timetabling Workshop days1 day 225 More info

Facility Scheduler

Facility Scheduler is an extremely powerful scheduling tool. To date there hasn't been a curriculum that Facility Scheduler hasn't been able to handle. The product is used in a range of environments ranging from Primary schools, Secondary schools, Academies, Colleges and Universities which on one hand is a great strength and is also its weakness as some schools don't need some of the more complex functionality that is demanded by a university. As a result many timetablers find the learning curve of Facility Scheduler quite steep! At MIST Services we offer training and consultancy to help with this learning curve as we can understand your requirements and simply teach you the parts you need!

Student Options module

The Facility product suite does currently include a Student Options module, to help collate, analyse and create option blocks although some timetablers find it limiting or unable to get an acceptable result, although many schools are more than happy with the functionality and outcomes. In these circumstances they may well to use Options from October Resolutions or Student Options from Timetabling Solutions.

Should you wish to discuss whether Facility options will work in your situation please feel free to contact us.

Designing curriculum diagrams

Each year we help schools and Academies design curriculum diagrams, setting up timetabling data, setting up curriculum diagrams within Facility Scheduler, help setting up constraints for timetabling, help with scheduling, printing and rotations to name some of the areas.

Manual transfer of timetable

It may well be that your school timetable is constructed in another system and you need to have it in Facility so that your MIS can function correctly. If you would like us to undertake the transfer information can be found here

More than Facility Scheduler

At MIST Services we also offer a range of training and consultancy services on-site, off-site and remotely on TimeTabler, Options, Timetabling Solutions and Nova T6, and should you need help on a topic that isn't listed please contact us and we're sure we can help you!

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