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Nova T6 - Support and consultancy on all aspects of Nova T6 timetabling

Nova T6 is a very popular timetabling package that is used extensively by schools that implement SIMS.

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On-line courses & Covid-19

Our training schedule is still in place, although we are limiting the number of delegates to just 5 people. We also have our QR code in place to which we respectfully ask you to scan for Track and Trace.

We appreciate that not everyone will wish to attend a training course, so we have various courses as on-line courses which you can sign up and study at your leisure. They cover all the same content as the face-to-face courses.

Nova-T Training courses

Principles of timetabling1 day 225 More info
Introduction to using 'Nova T6'1 day 225 More info
Advanced timetabling with 'Nova T6'1 day 225 More info
Timetabling Workshop days1 day 225 More info

NOVA-T functionality

Each year our consultants help schools in using Nova T6, whether that is helping a timetabler enter their curriculum, staffing or constraints through to help scheduling a timetable.

It may well be that your school timetable is constructed in another system and you need to have it in Nova T6 so that SIMS can function correctly. We offer a service where we take your completed and transfer it (manually) into Nova T6 ensuring that it has all the appropriate structures, when transferred you wouldn't know it hadn't been created in Nova T6 originally!

More than Nova T6

At MIST Services we also offer a range of training and consultancy services on-site, off-site and remotely on TimeTabler, Options, Timetabling Solutions and Facility Scheduler, and should you need help on a topic that isn't listed please contact us and we're sure we can help you!

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