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TimeTabler, Options & StaffCover - Training and consultancy on TimeTabler, Options & StaffCover

TimeTabler is an easy to use Timetabling package, which is used across a whole range of schools and across many countries. Its intuitive design and low learning curve makes TimeTabler by Chris and Keith Johnson the preferred package for many timetablers. (www.timetabler.com)

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At MIST Services we are very enthusiastic about TimeTabler and we have many courses that are specific to TimeTabler.

Should you wish to know more about TimeTabler or are interested in training and consultancy services that aren't listed, please contact us directly and we would be happy to answer any questions.

There are TimeTabler vouchers available for these services

On-line courses & Covid-19

Our training schedule is still in place, although we are limiting the number of delegates to just 5 people. We also have our QR code in place to which we respectfully ask you to scan for Track and Trace.

We appreciate that not everyone will wish to attend a training course, so we have various courses as on-line courses which you can sign up and study at your leisure. They cover all the same content as the face-to-face courses.

TimeTabler Training courses

Principles of timetabling1 day 225 More info
Student options/electives with 'Options'1 day 225 More info
Introduction to using 'TimeTabler' - Part 11 day 225 More info
Introduction to using 'TimeTabler' - Part 21 day 225 More info
Advanced Timetabling with 'TimeTabler'1 day 225 More info
Scheduling of Part-timers1 day 225 More info
Timetabling Workshop days1 day 225 More info

Excellent functionality

A major feature of TimeTabler that sets itself in a league of its own, is the ability to have different curriculum diagrams within the same timetable file allowing the timetabler to explore many what-if scenarios very quickly. To such an extent that many timetablers have moved away from an existing system for this functionality and ease of use generally. In recent years we have trained and helped schools in the use of TimeTabler from setting up basic data, entering in curriculum diagrams, trouble shooting and creating complete timetables.

If you are new to timetabling and have purchased or thinking of purchasing TimeTabler then we would recommend our course Introduction to using TimeTabler.

Transferring a TimeTabler timetable

Many timetablers use TimeTabler to create their timetable and then transfer the completed timetable to the schools MIS. There is an export routine to every MIS on the market.

If you are a current TimeTabler user and want information on how to manually transfer the timetable to Facility then instructions can be accessed from the downloads section by searching for TimeTabler. Or if you would like us to undertake the transfer information can be found here.

Should you wish to know more about TimeTabler click here, or please contact us directly and we would be happy to answer any questions.


Options is an easy to use software package which collates, analyses and creates student option columns. Student options is an integral part of timetabling and is very important for high student satisfaction. Options also plays an important role in marketing your school, ensuring that students can get their option choices. Some schools still do the options process in Excel, but in recent years are moving over to a computer program to allow changes to be made quickly!

Transferring your school data into Options is very easy through the data import routines! Schools can design the blocks and parameters required, so if there are double option blocks, or if a student has to choose a subject from each strand of subjects (plus many more rules) then these can all be built in. Printouts and export sections ultimately allows you to get the data in the required format.

MIST Services have known schools where they have had to use Options as their current MIS Options package was not capable of handling their requirements, or in some cases was unable to produce a satisfactory result.

If it your first year using Options you may be interested in the one-day training course Student Options/Electives. Also please visit Student Options for information regarding TOOLS.

Should you wish to know more about Options, please contact us directly and we would be happy to answer any questions.

More than TimeTabler

At MIST Services we also offer a range of training and consultancy services on-site, off-site and remotely on Facility Scheduler, Timetabling Solution and Nova T6, and should you need help on a topic that isn't listed please contact us and we're sure we can help you!

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