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Gold Start welcome webinar

Course Information

  • Price : £FREE + VAT
  • Duration : 1 hour

Gold-Start is offered free of charge for new schools who have purchased Options, TimeTabler and StaffCover. MIST Services and October ReSolutions want to ensure that your experience is positive, rewarding and efficient, leading to a successful outcome.

The webinar is delivered via an 'on-line course'so that as users have the ability to watch when convenient to them and they are designed to highlight the documentation, materials and support you have available as well as talking about how you can submit your data for checking at key points, ensuring you always stay on the correct path!

As a Gold-Start user you are entitled to a complimentary support session and and we will discuss with you how to book this session.

Please note there will be no 'course dates' as you simply need to register for the course from the link you receive in your Bonjoro welcome message. You also will receive emails regarding the dates and times of AMA (Ask Me Anything Sessions) that will allow you to ask any questions you may have about the course topics or the software in general.

Course dates


Course Outline

The course covers:

:: Installation of the software<
:: Software licence
:: Backing up your data
:: Transferring your data between computers
:: Accessing all the help and resources
:: Key stages in the process
:: Submitting your data for checking
:: Booking your complimentary support session


All colleagues within your school who are involved in the Options, timetabling and Staff Cover functions.

Schools and colleagues who have purchased:
:: Options
:: TimeTabler
:: StaffCover


None, although you need to signup for the course via the link that was sent via the Bonjoro welcome video.


Following on from the course you will be able to book your 'one-to-one' session with our experts who will be able to answer your specific questions and guide you to ensure a positive experience and outcome.

:: One-to-one sessions are held via GoTo-Meeting

Included in the price

Gold-Start materials

Next available Course dates

Alert me when new dates are available
We do not currently have confirmed dates for this course, but we can always arrange on-site bespoke training for you, please enquire for details.

We can deliver all our training bespoke on-site to your school any time of year, please enquire for details.